7mm SAUM/22 LRV Ultimate Hunter Package


One rifle to do it all. From coyotes to elk, from 0 to 1000+ yards, this package can handle it!

This build #TX0072 was originally ordered as a 22LRV and spec’d out with a 24″ Proof Carbon fiber barrel as screaming fast coyote and hog stopper. During the build process, our client booked a dream trip to far West Texas for aoudad, and decided he needed some more power for a big ram! That added on a Bartlein #3B contour Vortex Fluted barrel in 7mm SAUM(pictured on the rifle), along with a spare magnum bolt and magazine. We developed loads for both barrels, running the 77gr Barnes LRX in the 22LRV and the 180gr ELD-M in the 7mm SAUM. This rifle is a lights out shooter with both barrels! It is topped with the outstanding Swarovski X5i 3.5-18×50 and personalized turrets for both calibers, and both barrels are threaded for suppressor use. Neither barrel has over 100 rounds fired, and the package includes 100 rounds of Copper Creek loaded 77gr LRX ammunition for the 22LRV and 50+ rounds of various 7mm SAUM loads, plus fired brass and reloading dies for both calibers!

Package Price: $9995, Contact Us to Order