Caprock Competition Hunter Left Hand 7mm SAW #CTX0115

Designed for peak performance in the field, whether you are hunting fur or steel. Our Competition Hunter rifle satisfies the needs for consistent precision and long range accuracy in a rifle package that qualifies for Light Class in NRL Hunter matches. The Manners LRH stock with built-in ARCA mounting platform allows for utmost flexibility when shooting from a tripod or bipod, and features refined ergonomics that please both left and right handed shooters. Bartlein and Proof Research barrel options keep weight to a minimum while delivering peak accuracy.

CTX0115 build specifications

  • WTO Caprock Left Hand Short action with Switchlug

  • Proof Research 7mm SAW 8.4 twist Sendero Lite 22″ barrel, 5/8-24TPI muzzle thread

  • Manners Composite LRH Stock, Elite Scorched Earth camo. BT15 bipod rail, built in ARCA-Swiss mount, 2 Non Rotating flush cups left side

  • Hawkins Precision Hunter AICS compatible bottom metal

  • TriggerTech Diamond flat shoe single stage trigger, set at 1.0lbs

  • Barrel Break in and load testing complete, sub .5MOA certified with WTO standard 7mm SAW loads

  • Weight: 6lbs 15oz

  • Price: $5200

  • Special Package Deal!! Purchase this rifle and receive 10% off any in-stock optic!