Claymore ELR – ELR001

The perfect starting point for a serious long range hunting rig!

Claymore action #ELR0001 is a Stiller produced receiver on their well-known TAC338 pattern. This setup has been our test bed for our 7-300 Norma Improved cartridge for the last several years, but with our change to the Caprock 338 action series it’s time for this guy to have a new home. This action has about 1000 rounds fired on it, and the rifle has never been carried or hunted. It has been a safe and test room queen, and other than some wear to the bolt nitriding it is like new. If you are looking for a way to get in to the Norma/Lapua size cartridges and would like to skip the long lead times for components, this is the setup for you! All you need is to supply the barrel and muzzle device of your choice, and in less than 90 days you’ll have a brand new big boomer.

Components included:

  • WTO Claymore ELR action, right hand, .588″ bolt face, 1.125″x16TPI thread tenon

  • Manners Composites EH1 carbon fiber stock, Black Forest camo painted finish

  • Timney Calvin Elite Single Stage trigger assembly, set at 1.5lbs

  • Hawkins Precision CIP Length DBM trigger guard

  • Farrell Industries 30MOA steel scope rail

  • Stock has been Devcon epoxy bedded to action

  • Price includes barrel installation cost to install your supplied barrel blank and muzzle device, and your choice of Cerakote, polish, or bead blast metal finish

  • Sale Price: $3175 plus shipping to your FFL. Contact us to Order!