In-Stock Actions


Current inventory of actions ready to ship to your FFL or built into your next custom rifle. Inventory as of 8/3/22*

1x Zermatt Arms Tl3-SA RH Std bolt head-Nitrided

1x Impact Precision 737 SA RH Mag bolt face-Nitrided

1x Caprock-Ti SA LH Std bolt face-DLC coating

1x Caprock LA LH Std bolt face-Nitrided

1x Caprock MA RH Mag bolt face-Stainless

2x Claymore SA LH Std bolt face-Stainless

1x Claymore-Ti LA RH Mag bolt face-DLC coating

1x Claymore LA RH Std bolt face-Stainless


Spare bolts with FP assemblies

1x Caprock MA RH Std bolt face

1x Caprock MA RH Mag bolt face

1x Caprock LA RH Mag bolt face