Full Custom Remington 700 .257 Weatherby Package

An ideal rifle system for open country, medium game hunting. The .257 Weatherby Magnum has been one of our favorite Texas/New Mexico hunting cartridges since we first started building rifles, and it continues to shine in this rifle. Flat shooting and hard hitting with very manageable recoil even for small statured shooters. Paired with the excellent Huskemaw Blue Diamond scope and RFBC turret system, this rifle package will serve you well on every hunt.

  • Fully customized Remington 700 stainless steel long action with PTG one piece bolt assembly, completely trued with WTO SwitchLug installed!

  • Bartlein .257cal 1-10″ 5R SS #3 Sporter contour barrel blank, 1/2-28TPI muzzle thread for optional suppressor use

  • Jewell HVR-TSBR trigger assembly, set at 1.5lb pull weight

  • Hawkins Long action BDL Oberndorf style bottom metal, with LAUM magazine box, spring and follower

  • Manners EH3 stock, 100% carbon fiber shell, 13.5″LOP w/Kick-Eez pad. 2 studs, 2 flush cups left side, Elite Swamp camouflage

  • Hawkins Precision Hybrid scope mounts, Remington 700 Long action, 6-48 screws, 25 MOA cant, 30mm size .6″ height, integral level on rear cap

  • Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20x50mm scope #BD52-H0463, with RFBC turret built to your desired hunting altitude and temperature

  • Barrel break in and commercial load testing already completed

    Best Load: Weatherby Select 110gr Hornady ELD-X

    Muzzle Velocity: 3337FPS/6.9SD

  • Price: $6120, Contact Us to Order!