WTO Claymore 7mm SAW #WTO0053


WTO Claymore 7mm SAW #WTO0053

Used, very good condition WTO Claymore custom rifle chambered in 7mm SAW. Barrel has less than 300 rounds fired since new, and shoots extremely well. Developed load data for 150gr Hornady ELD-X and Hodgdon Varget powder will accompany the rifle.

Build Specs:

WTO Claymore short action(Stiller variant, 2013 production), with oversize bolt knob and 20MOA rail

Lilja 3 groove stainless steel, #6 contour, 20″ finished length

WTO original design muzzle brake, 5/8-24TPI thread

Jewell HVR-TS trigger, set at 1.75lbs

McMillan A3 Sporter stock, 13.5”LOP w/1” Decel pad, 2 studs, Light Tan/Medium Brown/Olive molded marble finish

PTG Detachable magazine bottom metal with 5rd AICS magazine

Patriot Brown Cerakote barreled action and brake

Price: $3000.00