claymoreThe foundation of a WTO rifle is our Claymore action, machined to our specifications by Stiller’s Precision Firearms in Wylie, Texas. Stiller has built a reputation as an industry leader with some of the world’s best custom rifle actions and excellent customer service, and for those reasons we chose them to produce our rifle actions. They use a Remington 700 footprint for short and long actions, which ensures compatibility with the largest number of stocks and other components out there. The Claymore action is designed for hunting use, and can be had left or right handed, single shot or repeater, short or long action. Bolt faces can be had for .223 sized cartridges, standard cartridges, and magnums. All actions are Stainless Steel. Other features are as follows:

  • Full round back and redesigned loading port for more stiffness

  • Black Iron Nitride QPQ bolt coating for smooth travel and corrosion resistance

  • External extractor system in all calibers

  • Side mounted bolt release, reliable in all dirt and weather conditions

  • Compatible with all Remington 700 type aftermarket triggers

  • Pinned, Tapered recoil lug for increased bedding surface and perfect lug alignment

  • Interference fit pins in scope rails absorb recoil force, removing recoil force from scope base screws

  • Threaded bolt handle allows for optional oversize bolt knob at customer’s request

  • Compatible with Remington 700 front scope bases, 0 and 20 MOA rails also are available

  • Compatible with all Remington 700 type stocks, for the most stock styles available to fit every shooter

For shooters looking to build their ultimate long range rifle in .338 Lapua or similar sized cartridges requiring a .588″ bolt face, the Claymore XL is the perfect choice. These actions incorporate the same feature as the standard Claymore actions, but are larger in diameter and feature a larger bolt body to accomodate the needs of the Lapua and .378 Weatherby class cartridges, as well as a longer barrel shank tenon to support heavy contour barrels that are frequently 28″ or longer.

Our latest addition to the Claymore line is the Claymore HD (pictured below). This action is designed for maximum rigidity with tactical and competition shooters in mind, and features a built in 20MOA scope rail machined as part of the action body. A straight bolt handle with oversized bolt knob is standard. The action body has a multi-flat surface profile for added strength. The Claymore HD is designed to feed from a detachable magazine, and the short action is cut for use with either AICS or A/W magazines. Bolt faces are available for standard, WSM, and magnum cartridges.