Hawkins Featherweight Scope Rings


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Hawkins Precision is proud to announce to their dealers a brand-new scope ring – the Featherweight. These are a 1-piece, direct attach solution for customers looking for the most reliable and lightweight ring for mountain light hunting rifles.Machined out of a single piece of billet aluminum, these rings weigh between 2 to 3 ounces (configuration dependent) and are rated for up to magnum caliber firearms. Installation hardware includes recoil/shear pins as well as 6-48 and 8-40 screws.



Remington 700 Pattern Actions: Bergara, Christensen Arms, Fierce Rival, MOA Rifles, HS Precision, Nosler M48, Springfield Waypoint 2020 & R700.

Savage 110/Stiller Pattern Actions: Stiller TAC & Predator, Lone Peak Razor, Impact Precision, Kelbly Atlas & Atlas Lite, Zermatt Arms, Pierce Engineering, Mesa Precision, Kauger Arms, Mack Bros EVO, Tuebor Precision, Savage 110/Ultralight, Weatherby 307.


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Hawkins Featherweight Rings

Rem 1" Low, Rem 1" Med, Rem 1" High, Rem 30mm Low, Rem 30mm Med, Rem 30mm High, Stiller 1" Low, Stiller 1" Med, Stiller 1" High, Stiller 30mm Low, Stiller 30mm Med, Stiller 30mm High