Zermatt Left Hand TL3 Switchlug Package

Zermatt TL3 action, left hand, short action with standard and magnum bolt heads

Bartlein CFW barrel, 6.5 Creedmoor WTO Match Chamber  1-7.5″ 5R #14 M40 contour, 26″ finish length, red carbon fiber, with TBAC CB brake

Bartlein 7mm Sherman Max 1-8.25″ 5R SS #12 Heavy Palma Contour barrel blank, 28″ finish with WTO MK2 Brake

Bartlein 6.5mm Creedmoor WTO Match chamber 1-7.5″ 5R SS #23 Marksman Contour barrel blank, 26″ finish length with TBAC CB brake

Element 4.0 Magnesium chassis, Rem 700 Clone SA, Mercury recoil reduction weight kit, side folding adapter , TR-2 Buttstock, Carbon Grip, 2.5″ MLOK Picatinny Rail, MLOK sling adapter, Element Brass forend weight set, MLOK side weight set, Thumb shelf.

Triggertech Diamond trigger flat shoe

MDT 1x 3rd WSM, 1x 7rd WSM, 1x 10rd 308 magazines

Rifle Cerakoted Northeastern autumn camouflage, carbon barrel Cerakoted graphite black

Rifle will ship in Pelican 1750 case with Magpul DAKA grid kit.


Rifle Package: $9000