The perfect balance of maximum recoil reduction, low concussion, and great aesthetics.

  • 5/8-24 Class 3 thread

  • 90 degree port angle for less rear concussion to the shooter and spotters

  • No bottom ports means no dust printing when shooting prone

  • 1.925″ length X 0.950″ diameter

  • Adds about 1.3″ to barrel length when installed

  • 3/4″ wrench flats behind first port for easy removal

  • Can be turned down to .850″ for blending to various contours

416 Stainless Steel for corrosion resistance

Mk2 muzzle brake installed on Bartlein CFW #13 Remington Varmint contour. Brake OD turned to .900″ and tapered to match muzzle OD of .830″

Can be installed for a seamless fit on Proof CF Sendero Contour

Mk2 muzzle brake installed on Proof Research CF Sendero contour. Seamless transition for the ultimate in clean lines!




All the performance of our Mk2 Brake, now in a unit that can be user installed!

5/8-24 TPI, .344" exit hole for rifles up to .30 cal

Knurled locking nut with tensioning set screws to lock your setting in place

Black Nitride finish for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning

Optimized top ports to prevent muzzle rise