Many customers choose the option of having a muzzle brake fitted to their rifle. This has some major advantages, including reduced felt recoil, improved target aquisition for follow up shots or spotting impacts, and less shooter fatigue during load development and extended shooting sessions. We can install almost any muzzle brake a shooter desires, and the most requested designs we use are listed below:

WTO  Mk2 Muzzle Brake

The WTO muzzle brake is designed for long range hunters and precision rifle shooters desiring maximum recoil reduction with low dust printing when shooting from a prone position. The brake features two equally sized ports followed by an enlarged third port. All three ports are top vented as well to reduce muzzle climb. The side ports are vented at a 90 degree angle to the bore axis, striking a balance between excellent recoil reduction without the increased concussion of rearward angled ports on some other popular designs. The brake has a 5/8-24TPI thread pitch, and can be tapered to match the outside diameter of the rifle barrel. The standard O.D. of the Mk2 brake is .950″, and can be turned down to a minimum diameter of .850″ for a smooth profile on barrels that have an OD of .850″ or larger. The Overall length is 1.925″, so it will add approximately 1.3″ to your existing barrel length Scroll through the image gallery for pics of our brake in the white, and a full installation with the brake turned to match barrel OD. Price: $110, installation is $175.



Shrewd Precision 7 degree

The Shrewd brake is our recommended design for hunting weight rifles that will primarily be shot from offhand or other non prone positions. It is in our opinion the cleanest looking brake on a sporting rifle, and also offers superb performance.

  • 360 degree port drilled with a 7 degree forward angle to direct muzzle blast away from the shooter

  • Standard thread pitches for compatibility with thread protectors or other muzzle devices

  • Easy Removal

  • Lathe turned to match barrel contour, for a smooth, ‘like it grew there’ look

  • Excellent Recoil Reduction

 Cost for this brake $65 and installation is $150. A matching  knurled thread protector can be added for $35.

Holland Quick Discharge Muzzle Brake

Designed by well known rifle maker and accomplished long range shooter Darrell Holland, the Quick Discharge brake is a very effective brake design for LR hunting and tactical rifles. It is available in a variety of thread pitches and sizes, and is primarily recommended for shooters needing a non bottom port brake on sporter diameter barrels too small for the 5/8-24 TPI thread of our WTO brake.

  • Large, 3 chamber port design with no bottom ports for reduced dust printing when shooting prone

  • Rear of brake is tapered to muzzle diameter of barrel

  • Removable, thread on design

  • Furnished with thread protector

  • Stainless steel construction(can be coated to match rifle finish)

The cost for the Holland Quick Discharge brake is $155 and installation is $175.