MK2ST Self Timing Muzzle Brake


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The proven performance of our Mk2 brake, now in a self timing version!


Made from 416 stainless steel with an industry standard 5/8-24TPI muzzle thread, this brake gives excellent recoil reduction without sacrificing aesthetics! Three main blast chambers machined at 90 degrees direct propellant gases perpendicular to the bore axis, making this brake easy on both the shooter and spotter. The optimized top ports counteract muzzle rise to keep the rifle on target. No bottom ports to reduce dust printing. The Mk2ST brake features an indexable locking collar and 3/4″ wrench flats behind the first port for easy installation and timing to your barrel. Outside diameter is .950″, and the bore diameter is clearanced for projectile sizes up to and including .30 caliber.