Close up of thread Tenon for Tikka T3 with SwitchLug. Left side is WTO fully machined from barrel blank. Right side is factory Tikka barrel retrofitted to work with SwitchLug.IMG_2590IMG_2571IMG_2570Tikka T3/T3XSwitchLug-T on Tikka T3xIMG_2557IMG_2554

Tikka SwitchLug


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Product Description


SwitchLug for the Tikka T3 and T3X rifle family. Allows Tikka shooters the same proven versatility we’ve provided to Remington and custom action shooters for several years. The Tikka SwitchLug MUST be Gunsmith installed, as it is not a drop in part. The action face must have .100″ of material removed to provide a flat mounting surface, and the index pin holes must be drilled in the correct locations. In most cases, complete action truing is not required and the existing factory barrel can be retrofitted to work with the system. The Tikka SwitchLug does not protrude below the bottom profile of the action, and is compatible with most chassis systems and Tikka stock designs with minor modifications for clearance.