Tikka TAC-A1 SwitchLug Chassis Module


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We’ve received many requests from Tikka T3X TAC-A1 users for a way to use the SwitchLug with the TAC-A1 chassis, and are now able to accommodate!

The TAC-A1 chassis module replaces the factory handguard fastener assembly. It allows for the TAC-A1 forend/handguard to be re-utilized, while providing clearance for the SwitchLug to sit in position between the action face and rear of the handguard. Our chassis module also provides increased forend stability for bipod or barricade positional shooting, due to enhance rigidity in construction. If you plan to have custom barrels machined for your TAC-A1 rifle with our system, the recommended barrel tenon max diameter is 1.150″. Our SwitchLug chassis module comes standard with a black Hardcoat anodized finish to match the chassis.

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