img_4683West Texas Ordnance was originally started as a small retail and gunsmithing business in the late 1990’s. When Clayton Smith returned from active duty with the United States Marine Corps in 2009, he incorporated and took the company to a full time gunsmithing shop. In the past six years, a passion for precision long range shooting has refined our focus toward building the finest precision rifles possible for our customers. We’ve grown from a one man shop to a four member team committed to excellence. We strive to provide the very best equipment associated with our custom rifles, and to that end we offer a wide selection of suppressors, top quality optics, premium ammunition, and components to fit the needs of top shooters.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with rifles that are reliable without fail and accurate beyond expectation. Simply put, if we can’t trust our life to it, it doesn’t leave the shop. Those of us who have carried firearms in the performance of duty know that you must have 100% confidence in the ability of your weapon. We apply that same principle to our custom rifles. We hunt hard and shoot hard, and know that our customers do too. Whether for back country hunting, duty, or defensive use, rest assured that you are carrying a rifle that will not fail you.