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“Switchlug” the do it all rifle.

I can’t say enough good things about the guys at WTO, their builds are second to none. I really didn’t know for sure what to expect when I decided to go with them and their Switchlug. I mainly wanted a switch barrel rifle to use for different hunting situations and to be able have a barrel as well for just longrange plinking. To say the least I was mildly surprised with the repeatability of the zeros when switching from one barrel to the next. I’ve actually zeroed my 6.5 Creedmoor barrel, taken it off and cleaned the barrel, action and the lug the reinstalled the barrel and when I went back to check zero was less than a 1/4” off my original zero. I wouldn’t hesitate one second to use them again for a build and their Switchlug system is the fastest and easiest system to swap from one barrel to the next without having to remove the scope or the action from the stock. If your wanting a switch barrel rifle these are the guys to go to.

Tony Eberle

Amazing Work

I had this 243 win built for me by WTO about two years ago and let me tell you. This rifle lives in my pickup and I shoot it on a weekly basis. I’ve hit my 1000 yard 18” target consistently and taken many varmints and deer with it. These guys do amazing work from cutting the barrel all the way to cerekoting actions. I would highly recommend them for custom builds along with anything you could possibly need done to a rifle.

Russel Komechak

Rifles Done Right

WTO is exceptional at what they do. It’s rare to find a business these days that take great pride in their quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. Every build I’ve had done will print 1/4 moa or better @ 100-200 yds, and typically hold well below 1/2 moa to 1500 yds, if I do my job. On top of everything they are great people.
The most expensive build is the one that doesn’t turn out right, I’ve been there at another place. Build it once, build it right, build it at WTO.

Joe Bartlett

Solid and Fantastic

I’ve had two rifles built by West Texas Ordnance. One chambered in 28 Nosler and one chambered in 300 Norma. Now in a normal world these are not considered ELR (extreme long range) cartridges but Clayton built both rifles to reach these extreme ranges. I’ve made multiple impacts at 2000 yards with both rifles. Both rifles are built solid and look absolutely fantastic and look exactly how I wanted them to look.

Thank you West Texas Ordnance.

Otis C White

Beyond Expectations!

When I approached Clayton Smith at West Texas Ordnance about building a rifle for PRS competition, I knew I would be in good hands, but I did not anticipate the level of detail and concern that he would put into ensuring that I would receive a configuration that met not only my wants, but also my future needs, and did so at a price point within my budget. He delivered to me a list of parts to procure, along with vendors where I find them in stock currently, and at the best possible prices. Once WTO received my parts, my rifle was delivered in about half of the time I’d been promised, and handily exceeds my ability to drive it, with 3/8 MOA groups being the norm when I do my job. My rifle was built with a SwitchLug, which enables WTO to fit a barrel for me without having the rifle present, saving time and significant shipping fees when I need to spin up a new barrel, a common need for PRS rifles due to the volume of fire the rifle is subjected to in matches and practice sessions. I recommend WTO to other shooters without reservation, and I’m already looking forward to spinning up my next WTO built precision rifle!

Dave Re

Quality Gunsmithing & Quality People

I’ve had WTO build me a full custom rifle and do metalwork and tuning on several of my rifles. The rifles shoot lights out, and the communication was good and pricing was competitive. But to me what separates these guys from others are the people doing the work. Clayton, Jonathan, and the rest of the staff are just some of the best people you’ll find. They’re accomplished competitive shooters themselves, and active long range hunters … so they know what they’re talking about. But they’re also humble and don’t talk over anyone’s head. They actually built my first precision rifle several years ago, and I honestly didn’t have a clue and was pretty confused by all the specs, jargon, and old wives tales that shroud and obscure the rifle industry. WTO was patient with me, answered all my questions, and gave me good advice to point me in the right direction. They didn’t just try to sell me on the most expensive things. In fact, at least once they talked me out of spending more because they didn’t think I’d see a benefit from it. It is rare to find people that are that honest, and have your best interest at heart.

You can check out all the details about the complete custom rifle they built for me here:

Cal Zant

A short testimonial video from a great friend of WTO and long time customer, Nate Avey.


A brief testimonial video from WTO employees' Jonathan Rubio and Garret Wachtel