Introducing our West Texas Ordnance Signature Rifles for 2024. Each signature rifle is purpose built for for your shooting and hunting needs from a lightweight mountain rifle to a rock-solid competition rifle. Our Switchlug system is included on every rifle to give you the modularity you want between hunts and matches.

Black Gap

The Black Gap rifle is designed for the hunters who need to spare every once possible, but still have a durable and accurate rifle on the mountain. The Black Gap features our titanium Claymore round action with a short carbon fiber barrel and your choice of Peak 44 Blacktooth or Bastion stock. This rifle pairs well with the lightweight Rugged Alaskan 360 Ti suppressor or MK2 muzzle brake.

Palo Duro

The Palo Duro rifle allows the entire system to be folded into a compact package perfect for attaching to a pack or into a scabbard.  After a challenging hunt this rifle can be stored out of the way to make room for your trip back to camp. This rifle features either our Claymore Ti or Caprock SS actions with a comfortable carbon fiber barrel in the MDT HNT26 folding chassis.  A perfect match for the WTO carbon fiber tripod system with ARCA/Pic adapter.


The Chinati rifle gives the whole family an adjustable rifle that will fit everyone and makes for a compact rifle perfect for in the truck. The adjustable length of pull makes this a great rifle for getting your kids to shoot comfortably and will fit them as they hunt over the years. This rifle features our Caprock stainless action with s short carbon fiber or steel barrel and the Manners Compact Stock. Equip this rifle with the WTO detachable magazine system(SA only) or the Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM.

Red River

A staple for WTO, the Red River Match rifle is purpose built for the Precision Rifle Series in mind with all of the features in mind for the perfect competitive rifle. Built with the Impact 737 action, straight match barrel, and rigid Foundation MG1 or MG2 stock. This match ready rifle is ready to test your skills on for any stage.


From hilltop to hilltop, through any canyon, and across any caprock, the Guadalupe rifle is ready for any long range hunt you have. Featuring our Caprock stainless action, mid length barrel, and the Manners Long Range Hunter Stock, this rifle is ready to take on any challenge you have.


The Capitan is the WTO classic rifle package built for any and all target scenarios.


The Chisos rifle is designed for the ultimate varmint hunter in mind. Featuring our Caprock stainless action, Manners Pro Hunter stock, short carbon fiber barrel, and detachable magazine system. To get the most out of any varmint hunt, this rifle has a built in ARCA rail for any tripod use and will be complimented by any dedicated or clip-on thermal sight.


The Little Boar gas gun is designed for the pig and coyote callers who need a little more capacity. Small frame AR builds make for a lightweight handy system for anyone needing to reduce their predator capacity. This rifle features a full length ARCA handguard and is tuned for the popular varmint cartridges available.