Comparison of .25-7PRC wildcat and the parent 7mm PRC cartridge.


 The .25-7 PRC achieves and even exceeds the performance of the classic .257 Weatherby Magnum, while being able to fit comfortably in a medium length action. We believe that this makes an ideal pairing for the long range medium game hunter, as well as those who just love flat trajectories and raw horsepower in a package that won’t hammer the shooter with excessive recoil. Although seriously overbore for PRS style matches, this cartridge could be very effective in lower round count hunter style matches and even extended long range competitions.  In a 24″ barrel, this chambering is capable of driving the 130+ grain high BC .25 cal bullets at speeds of 3200-3300FPS with various magnum rifle powders and excellent accuracy. In our test rifle running the 133gr Berger Elite Hunter at 3240FPS, the .25-7PRC will hold 1000ft.lbs of energy and impact velocity over 1800FPS to 1050 yards at our altitude of 3000 feet above sea level. This is more than enough for just about any shot an open country pronghorn or mule deer hunter could encounter, and very capable on elk sized game inside of 600 yards. The cases can be formed using off the shelf, commercially available dies which keeps operational costs low compared to some other wildcats.

Read full details and load data for this cartridge here!

Recommended Loading Die setup:

  • Hornady Match Grade 7mm PRC FL Bushing sizer die #046324

  • Hornady New Dimension Expander #5, part #396279

  • .281″ neck bushing (Redding or Wilson are compatible)

  • Forster Bench Rest Ultra Micrometer Seater Die for 257 Wby Mag #U00202, with sleeve reamed for .25-7PRC cartridge

  • RCBS 25 WSSM Neck sizing die #12430 (For initial neck down from 7mm to .257 cal)