Packsaddle Compact Rifle

The Packsaddle rifle gives the whole family an adjustable rifle that will fit everyone and makes for a compact rifle perfect for in the truck. The adjustable length of pull makes this a great rifle for getting your kids to shoot comfortably and will fit them as they hunt over the years. This rifle features our Caprock stainless action with s short carbon fiber or steel barrel and the Manners Compact Stock. Equip this rifle with the WTO detachable magazine system(SA only) or the Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM.

  • Caprock Action (SA/MA/LA)

  • Manners Compact Stock

  • Short Carbon Fiber Barrel (Bartlein or Proof Research)

  • WTO AICS DBM (SA Only) or Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM 

  • Triggertech Trigger (Primary, Special, or Diamond) 

Rifle Weight: SA ~    MA~    LA ~