The WTO SwitchLug is a patented barrel retention device that allows the end user to change barrels on their rifle using only an inch pound torque wrench. No need for barrel vises, action wrenches, or barrel nuts! The SwitchLug is available for most custom actions, Remington 700’s, and now the Tikka T3/T3x!

Versatility: Multi-caliber capability on a single rifle platform is now an option with the SwitchLug system, at a much more cost effective price point than other switch barrel offerings. You can have a barrel chambered for a low-cost training cartridge to practice fundamentals, and a game day barrel for a more capable cartridge for shooting matches at extended ranges. Or how about a fast, flat shooting caliber for open country hunting, along with a big bore magnum for dangerous game? With the SwitchLug, it’s all possible.

Ease of Use: The only tool required for a barrel change on the SwitchLug system is an inch pound torque wrench with T25 torx bit. We offer the Fix It Sticks field kit (shown above), which includes these items and almost everything else needed for maintenance of the modern precision rifle. To install a barrel, screw it into your action until it the torque shoulder stops against the face of the SwitchLug. Then, torque the lug clamp screw to 30 inch pounds. To remove, loosen the lug clamp screw and unscrew the barrel. Since each barrel is specifically machined to match your action configuration, headspace repeats exactly during each barrel change. There is no need to reset headspace as with a barrel nut system.

Accuracy: WTO Rifles built with the SwitchLug System carry the exact same accuracy guarantee as our rifles built with traditional recoil lugs. With proper load development and shooting skills, sub .5MOA accuracy is achievable in most calibers. We use this system on a daily basis, and can count on it to work every single time.

Repeatability: Once a zero is established for a given barrel, that barrel will will return to zero within +/- .5MOA after each barrel change. This allows a shooter to have multiple barrels in multiple calibers, and recorded zeroes for each barrel. Offsets can also be entered into your Kestrel or other ballistic solver, for a seamless transition from caliber to caliber.

We build multiple versions of the SwitchLug to fit a host of different action configurations. Click the images below to shop our store for the one you need!

Watch a short video explaining the benefits and operation of the SwitchLug