Black Gap Lightweight Mountain Rifle

The Black Gap rifle is designed for the hunters who need to spare every once possible, but still have a durable and accurate rifle on the mountain. The Black Gap features our titanium Claymore round action with a short carbon fiber barrel and your choice of Peak 44 Blacktooth or Bastion stock. This rifle pairs well with the lightweight Rugged Alaskan 360 Ti suppressor or MK2 muzzle brake.

  • Claymore Titanium Action (SA or LA)

  • Peak 44 Carbon Fiber Stock (Blacktooth or Bastion) 

  • Short Carbon Fiber Barrel (Bartlein or Proof Research)

  • Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM 

  • Triggertech Trigger (Primary, Special, or Diamond) 

Rifle Weight: SA ~        LA ~      

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