Palo Duro Pack Rifle


The Palo Duro rifle allows the entire system to be folded into a compact package perfect for attaching to a pack or into a scabbard. After a challenging hunt this rifle can be stored out of the way to make room for your trip back to camp. This rifle features either our Claymore Ti or Caprock SS actions with a comfortable carbon fiber barrel in the MDT HNT26 folding chassis. A perfect match for the WTO carbon fiber tripod system with ARCA/Pic adapter.

  • Claymore Titanium Action (SA or LA)

  • MDT HNT26 Folding Chassis (BLack or Green) 

  • Short Carbon Fiber Barrel (Bartlein or Proof Research) 

  • Triggertech Trigger (Primary, Special, or Diamond) 

Rifle Weight: SA ~        LA ~