SwitchLug Compatible Action List

By February 17, 2017July 31st, 2019News/field reports

 SwitchLug Compatible Action List

      This list is broken into two categories; direct fit and retrofit capable actions. Direct fit actions have the correct index pin locations for the SwitchLug to be a drop in fit. You will still need to have a barrel properly machined and headspaced for the SwitchLug interface, i.e. an existing barrel cut for a standard .187” or .250” recoil lug will not work in its current state. Retrofit capable actions will not accept the SwitchLug without action medication, but are suitable for modification to function correctly with the system.

          We will continually update the Compatible Action List as information is received. If you have an action that is not listed and are wondering whether it can be fitted with the SwitchLug, please feel free to contact us. General requirements for compatibility are that the action must use a barrel thread tenon that is less than 1.0625” OD, and must have a flat action face i.e. the barrel does not fit into a recess with an integral scope rail or recoil lug that protrudes forward of the barrel mating surface.



·       WTO Claymore, all lengths and calibers(does not fit XL action)

·       WTO Claymore HD, all lengths and calibers

·       Stiller Predator, short, medium or long

·       Stiller TAC 30

·       Stiller TAC 300

·       Stiller Spectre, short or long




·       Remington 700, short or long

·       Surgeon 591

·       Surgeon 1086

·       Bighorn Arms TL and SR series

·       Lone Peak Razor

·       Lone Peak Fusion

·       Defiance Rebel Old style(pinned recoil lug)

·       Defiance Deviant

·       Defiance Rebel New style(integral lug)

·       Badger M2013

·       Borden Alpine

·       Borden Timberline

·       Kelbly Atlas