Hornady Match Grade™ 7mm SAW custom die set


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Now available, Hornady Match Grade™ dies for the 7mm SAW. Full length sizing die makes use of interchangeable neck bushings(not included) for precise control of neck tension. Compatible with both Hornady and Redding neck bushings. Includes 7mm tapered expander ball and a non-expander retaining nut for the decapping pin for those to choose to expand on a neck mandrel. Match Grade™ bullet seater features a micrometer adjustable seating stem and floating sleeve for case support during bullet seating. Standard and VLD seat stems included.


  • We’ve found a .311″ neck bushing to work equally well on both our WTO 7mm SAW brass as well as Lapua .308 Win brass. Testing is currently underway on other brass types/bushing sizes.
  • This dies set comes standard with a large size decapping pin. This is perfect for our WTO 7mm SAW brass and for use with .308 LRP brass. For Lapua .308 Palma brass, you’ll need to install a Hornady Small Headed decapping pin due to the smaller flash hole diameter.


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